What in store for 2019

What's is all about, Alfie!? Wise words Cilla, wise words.

Yep, 2019 had kicked off with a frantic amount of emails. I started this post on the 9, how it is now the 18th, jeez!

I wanted to share with you what events are in store and what the heck they are about.

Let's hit it in chronological order - The Wonderous Wedding Fair in Brighton.

The event is about bringing together unique wedding suppliers for creative couples. It will be held on Saturday 16th March at Brighton College. It is super exciting as the city is a great place for the creative wedding show. Do not except your average wedding fair with rows of tables and pushy suppliers.

We have loved Brighton since we was a teenager. Our earlier memories was going to the Radio 1 Road Show to watch Cleopatra and Sash! I wore a bright red Kangol bucket hat, and not a beret like Samuel L Jackson used to don.

Sorry, got lost down memory lane there. It's a great city as it's vibrant, full of creativity and has a nod to the eccentric. I have amity to seaside resorts since growing up in one and a now living in another, but mostly felt this was an obvious city to take the show onto. Brighton were coming to share our love.

If you would like to be involved please get in contact, I love to hear from new people in the industry.

We shall be be back in a few days to tell you about our next event, The Nostalgia Show - oooo errrr!

Photography: Wayne Kahn